Month: March 2016

Mythbusters Is Coming Back to TV—But Without Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman

It’s been less than a month since Mythbusters aired its final episode after it was canceled late last year. Actually, I guess we should call it the “formerly final” episode, as the Science Channel has just confirmed that the show

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Amazon expands Dash with Red Bull, Trojan, Starbucks, and more

Get condoms, energy drinks, and granola bars with the touch of a button. from Ars Technica

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Online Backup Faceoff: CrashPlan vs. Backblaze

You don’t want to think about backups: You want them to happen automatically, in the background, on all your computers. You want to access those backups from anywhere, from any device, from any operating system. There are two excellent services

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