Month: April 2015

High-Speed Footage of Floating Water Drops Looks Like a Fireworks Show

You’ve probably seen those experiments where scientists are able to levitate foam balls, or tiny drops of water, using nothing but ultrasonic sound waves. It’s utterly mesmerizing to watch something just float in mid-air, but magnitudes cooler when filmed with

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NASA’s Messenger probe will crash into Mercury at 3:30pm ET today

It’s been a long and hard road for NASA’s Messenger Probe as it studied the surface of Mercury for the last four years. That journey, however, will come to an end today, after NASA announced that the craft will crash

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It’s Microsoft Build, Day 2: Live, Streaming, Hot

If you can’t get enough of the sizzling hot code popping on the screen at the Microsoft Build conference, today’s keynote will do you right. Watch it here, live, starting at 8:30 AM Pacific time. Yesterday’s keynote brought us news

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